Cancellation Policy

There may be circumstances in which you have the right to cancel your membership with us.

The reasons for which you may cancel your membership with us are set out in our agreement terms to which you agree when you sign up for your membership via this site.

We do not generally allow you to terminate your membership for convenience before the end of our standard 12 month term or any 12 month renewed term.

However, in addition to any rights you may have (if any) under the Australian Consumer Law, you may terminate your membership by giving us written notice to terminate it if we are in material breach of any obligations to you under our agreement terms with you, that breach is capable of remedy and we fail to remedy that breach within 10 business days after receipt of written notice from you requiring that we rectify that breach.

Your membership will also automatically terminate if you or we become insolvent.

Otherwise, unless we expressly agree different terms with you, your membership will continue for 12 months from its commencement date and will automatically be extended at the end of the then current term for a further period of 12 months you notify us or we notify you unless terminated earlier according to its terms or unless, not more than three (3) months prior to the date of expiry and not less than two (2) months prior to the date of expiry, either party notifies the other party that it requires this Agreement to terminate at the end of that term.