Soul Safe™ is an Australian business with a mission to empower businesses globally to be leaders in hygiene and health. 

COVID-19 continues to have a devastating impact, with businesses globally looking for solutions to build a stronger workforce and community through lasting education and engagement. 

Soul Safe™ was created by 3 Australian business leaders with a mutual passion to provide businesses of all sizes with a unique, scalable training solution that would educate employees, build confidence within customers and help businesses to promote their dedication to a hygienic and healthy community. 

Building an easy to use mobile and web-based learning platform, Soul Safe™ created a way for businesses to subscribe to affordable and relevant hygiene and health training required for their workforce. 

Drawing on a wealth of experience across multiple fields, including infection prevention and control, biomedical science, biostatistics, epidemiology, public health, biology, nursing, emergency medicine, anaesthetics, surgery and clinical research, the Soul Safe™ Medical Research Team compiled educational, relevant and industry specific training to upskill your business in core hygiene and health best practice management. Mental health, diet and exercise, as well as individual’s responsibilities to Live Safe™ during the COVID-19 pandemic are also detailed throughout the training.  

In response to the evolving pandemic environment and to maintain relevance, Soul Safe™ training is reviewed and regularly updated by the Soul Safe™ Medical Research Team.

Soul Safe™ allows businesses to promote themselves as a leading hygienic and healthy workplace in their industry, providing support and reassurance to employees and inspiring customer confidence, proudly supporting businesses in Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom with their training needs.