Empowering your business to be a
leader in hygiene and health


What is Soul Safe™?

How does Soul Safe™ work?

Businesses subscribe to Soul Safe™, providing you and your employees with access to hygiene and health training courses via the Soul Safe™ App or online platform. Soul Safe™ courses are designed to educate your business on how to continue to work safely as well as your responsibilities as an individual in how to practice hygiene and health in your day-to-day life. 

Why Soul Safe™

Training on the move

Ready to implement training content delivered through the Soul Safe™ App or the Soul Safe™
online platform

Industry leader status

Use the Soul Safe™ Badge to promote your industry leader status in hygiene and health, appealing to employees and customers

Confident Customers

Attract new and retain existing customers by letting them know their health is your priority

Relevant and up to date

Training content is reviewed and updated frequently to meet the rapidly changing and confusing COVID environment

Educated Employees

Employees that are educated will be healthier and feel more valued that you prioritise their health

Industry focussed training

Focussed training to educate your employees specific to the industry they work

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